Smart Ideas for Painting Your Home’s Exterior Walls

Smart Ideas for Painting Your Home's Exterior WallsSmart Ideas for Painting Your Home's Exterior Walls

Unless the facade of your home is predominantly brick or stone then the chore of repainting your house to protect it against weather damage is an opportunity to change the style and overall feel of your home. Depending on the color or combination style, you can switch from a somber gray conservative tone to a pastel colored, symbol of a growing family lifestyle.

The exterior paint on your house provides the internal structure a waterproof barrier to keep moisture from swelling the planks as well as preventing mold to find a fertile environment. Unfortunately, this protective layer is not permanent. Sunlight, especially the ultraviolet wavelengths, can slowly deteriorate the paint on your home. As it slowly powders up or tears in strips, subsequent rains can wash it away and compromise the waterproof nature of the paint.

That is why a new coating of paint needs to be applied ever so many years. By performing this necessary function before it’s apparent need, you can help insure no major wear spots have already allowed injury to your home.

Different paints react differently to the types and forces of weather. It is best to consult with a professional where you acquire your paint so as to match your local weather conditions to the type of paint used. Paint that holds up well to frigid winter conditions is not as likely to perform as well in a southern or sub tropical climate.

House painting is usually done during the summer months. This way, the hot, dry weather can allow the paint to set and dry faster so that humidity does not corrupt the integrity of the coat. Watching the weather forecasts and picking a time of clear skies optimizes your chances of a good, long-lasting house protection.

Even if your home’s exterior walls are brick or stone, there is always the trim areas around roof, windows, and doors that can be painted as highlights to still give you unique and varied looks to your home. As well as he aesthetic benefits of making your home look stylish, painting the trim around a brick or stone walled home still helps protect the structure from water damage.

It is especially important to add a new layer of paint to a home in preparation of putting it on the market. Potential buyers will see a well-cared for home and the fresh look can help inspire them to choose your newly painted house.

This post is written by Tom, who also writes for the best vacuums 2016 blog.